We all know first impressions are key when looking to get your foot in the door. As an HR Administrator, I've seen my share of excellent and...not-so-excellent resumes. While the contents are what's most important, presentation is what catches the eye!

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Get TUF Resume Creation

Send me your information or current resume, and I'll make it shine.

  • Editable (Word doc): $35

    • Student: $25

  • Non-editable (PDF): $25

    • Student: $20

Editable resumes are yours to keep updated.

Non-editable resumes will require Get TUF updates.

Get TUF Cover Letter Creation

Send me your information or current cover letter, and let me do the work.

  • Editable (Word Doc): $30
    • Student: $25
  • Non-Editable (PDF): $20
    • Student: $15

Get TUF Cover Letter/Resume Updates

Reach out at any time to have your Get TUF Cover Letter or Resume updated.

  • Editable (Word Doc): $15
    • Student: $12
  • Non-editable (PDF): $10
    • Student: $8

Requests for new formatting/layout will be subject to Get TUF Resume Creation pricing.

Cover Letter/Resume Review

Have your own cover letter and/or resume but would like a second opinion? No problem! Send it my way and I'll go over it with a fine-tooth comb. 

  • Cover Letter: $15
  • Resume: $10

Conversion (Non-Editable/PDF to Editable/Word Doc)

Want to take back control of your cover letter or resume? I will happily convert your Get TUF PDF version to an editable Word document.

  • $20 + Get TUF Cover Letter/Resume Update fee

Conversion from PDF to a Word Document will alter the formatting and layout of the resume in most cases. 

Pricing subject to change.